7 Delicious Things You Must Eat In The Month Of October

So earlier, we started a food section where we bring you the things we’re trying out or the things we feel you should try out for the month. 

You may not like food in large quantities, but the fact is you love eating good food. And most times, when you think about it, your meal cycle is revolved around some certain meals. So we’ll bring you 7 things you should try out every month to spice up your meal table from our Nigerian and African chefs and food bloggers.

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For the month of September here are our picks! We’ve also attached the recipes so you don’t go through the hassle of looking for that.

1. Jambalaya Jollof Rice

The name definitely sounds funny but the picture is everything and more. Sisi Yemmie shows us how to try some jambalaya jollof.

Image: Sisi Yemmie

Image: Sisi Yemmie


2. Okra Stew with Prawns and Lobsters

The picture is all shades of appetizing and we’re sure with Freda of My Burnt Orange’s recipe, you’ll be able to do wonders like she did!

Image: My Burnt Orange

Image: My Burnt Orange


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3. Plantain Salad

Afrolems is one of our favorite food bloggers and with the way we love salads and all its variations, we’re open to trying out this plantain saladrecipe she shared.

Image: Afrolems

Image: Afrolems


4. Stir Fry Tomato Pork Chops

Not big on pork but this recipe from Kauna Kitchen may be the beginning of my love affair with it. Who knows?

Image: Kauna Kitchen

Image: Kauna Kitchen


5. Tossed Bacon and Shrimp Pasta

Love pasta so much, so a twist to it is definitely for me. All I Do Is Cook is one of the best food blogs right now and his recipe is easy and straight.

Image: All I Do Is Cook

Image: All I Do Is Cook


6. Salt and Pepper Suya Chips

Rather than having them from restaurants, use your free time to make these salt and pepper suya chips from this recipe by My Active Kitchen.

Image: My Active Kitchen

Image: My Active Kitchen


7. Simple Egg Frittata

Not everyday fried egg, some days try Food Ace’s egg frittata recipe

Image: Food Ace

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