5 Things That Driving In Big Cities Will Teach You

Ever heard anyone liken driving in big cities to the Hunger Games or list is as one of the many 1000 ways to die?

Man driving a car

Image: Naij.com


Have you even laughed at the idea, probably talking about how the person is overreacting? Well, you’re the one underreacting in this scenario because it is everything and more. And if you’re driving in a big city, all the more reasons to run mad on a daily because of everybody out there is a wolf. Here are five major things driving in big cities teach you

1. It makes you an angry person

No way will you drive in a big city without being angry at one point or the other. It will bring out the devil in you and actually put him to the test.

Photo: Pepsi/YouTube

Photo: Pepsi/YouTube


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2. It builds your dictionary of cuss words

Driving in a big city will make you more prone to insulting strangers at every opportunity you find yourself. With phrases like “oya jump nah”, or “kuku jam me”, you’re a certified driver in a big city.

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Image: Rupco.org

Image: Rupco.org


3. It will make you petty as anything

Drivers in big cities are the pettiest human beings ever. God! Have you ever been behind a car and noticed that he/she is moving slowly due to your incessant horning? or noticed that the other driver at the other lane will not let you in because you probably didn’t let him in before? DRAMAAARRR!

ozo kyeiwaa angry ozorkwor


4. It will give you a crash course in patience

Sometimes, after all, your anger (that cannot boil beans) and your pettiness (which no reach anywhere), you may have to calm down and be patient. That is when it sets on you that last last, you have to be patient.

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5. It will make you appreciate drivers

To be actually honest, shout out to drivers. They have a lot of work on their plate! It’s so difficult.



What else do you learn from driving in big cities?

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