5 Pictures That Show Moi Moi Has Truly Evolved

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Moi-moi is one of the most acceptable ways of eating beans in Naija.

Abi, you want to claim you’ve never had this steamed ground beans dish? Moi-moi is made from beans and who doesn’t love it! Growing up in Naija, Moi-moi came in three distinct forms:

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1.  Nylon

Who hasn’t moi-moi that came in cellophane or nylon?

Moi Moi in nylon

Image: WivesTownHallConnection


2.  Leaf

This is kind of one of our default moi-moi types.

Leaf Moi moi

Image: SisiJemimah


3.  Tin

I remember those circular tins that we cooked moi-moi in. When you remove them, they look circular like this:

Round Moi Moi

Image: SisiJemimah


Yummy delicious moi-moi, ba? Yeah, you must be missing your childhood. These days, moi-moi has changed. Now, moi-moi looks like this:

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1.  Loaf moi moi

This moi-moi can be mistaken for a loaf of Agege bread.

Moi Moi loaf

Image: YouTube


2.  Pizza moi moi

I know Pizza isn’t a typical Nigerian food. But when did they start making flat round moi-moi that looks like that?

moin moin


3.  Moi-moi roll

My people, when did we get here?

Image: 9jaFoodie

Image: 9jaFoodie


4.  Moi moi upside down

Moi-moi is going global and moving up in the world.

Moi moi upside down

Image: Pinterest


5.  Sliced moi moi

Just in case you want that effizy, this is the moi moi for you. It even looks better than sliced bread.

Sliced Moi Moi

Image: KelexOnlineInfo


Many chefs are changing the moi moi game. Which one was your favourite?

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