5 Phrases We’re Tired of Seeing When Texting

Texting is one of the foremost ways of communicating in this jet age.

Almost everyone has a phone that can send and receive text messages. Many phones go even further with messaging apps like Whatsapp, BBM and others.

sms text boy man guy men phone sms


Everyone at some point in their day gets like the guy above, all smiles and texting. Texting is a way many of us communicate. But it has its bad points. You sometimes can’t tell if someone is been sarcastic or angry except emojis come into it. Emojis aside, here are some things we’re tired of seeing whilst texting:

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1.  Have you eaten?

If you remove this phrase from conversations, many people won’t have much to say to each other. I get that it’s a wonderful conversation filler. But this phrase is just getting tedious now.

Image: zimnewztoday.com

Image: zimnewztoday.com


2.  How was your night?

Another phrase we run into all the time. After you get that “good morning”, next thing you see is “how was your night?” I doubt we can help it. This phrase is just too convenient.

Sleeping Cartoon Boy Meme

Image: NnekaOtika/Twitter


3.  What are you wearing?

Guys especially have flogged this phrase to death. It’s like every guy suddenly becomes a fashion designer or judge because the interest in what we, ladies are wearing is quite high. These days if anyone asks what I’m wearing, I always say:

the blood of Jesus



4.  Send me a pic

This is the brother or follower of the “what are you wearing?” I know many people send this exact phrase to others. How about variations like “send me a selfie, send me an image or picture?”. This one has gotten old.

Image: BET

Image: BET


5.  How is your day going?

I get that you’re concerned about how the other person’s day is going. But this phrase is one that deserves to be gotten rid of. We’ve overused the heck out of it.

meme phone look


Which of the above phrases are you guilty of overusing?

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