5 Essential Shoes For The Working Nigerian Woman

A very wise woman once said, ‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.’ 

Shoes are very important to any outfit, and every woman knows that to feel like you’re in control, you have to dress like you’re in control. Here are 5 shoes that are a must have in your closet, and are perfect for wearing to work. Even if you don’t do a 9-5, you might have to attend professional meetings and this would really come in handy to give you that ‘Boss Chic’ look.

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1. Black Pumps

These are very elegant, and will instantly make you look classy and beautiful. Th best part is, black matches any colour, so on the days you’re almost late to an important meeting, you don’t have to worry about your shoes matching your outfit.

black pumps

Image- Highheelsdaily


2. Ballet flats

These are perfect for the days you have a million and one things to do on your to-do list and need something super comfortable and chic to wear while running errands.

ballet flats

Image: compressportusa


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3. Kitten Heels

If you’re really not into flat shoes, you can go for the kitten heels instead, they’d give you the perfect boost that you need, and they’re super comfortable too.

kitten heels

Image- -shoeperwoman


4. Sandals 

Dressing casually to work? Then we suggest that a nice pair of sandals should grace your feet. Sandals are perfect for the casual look, and they come in so many beautiful designs now.

Photo Credit: JadoreFashion.com

Photo Credit: JadoreFashion.com


5. Loafers

These are super comfortable and super chic. Also, loafers are perfect for days when you don’t feel like wearing heels.

Image- overstock

Image- overstock


We narrowed it down to the essentials and absolute must-haves, of course, you can have as many shoes as you desire. No such thing as too many shoes in your closet ladies. *wink.

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