4 Bad S*x Habits Couples Should Stop Doing Now

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For most married couples, sometimes work and other issue gets in the way of regular s.εx but sometimes couples can be the reason why they don’t have s.εx frequently. This happens when you don’t spice things up and keep repeating certain bad s.εx habits in the bedroom.

According to love post, here are 5 s.εx habits couples should break away from to become better in the bedroom.

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1. Having s.εx on the same bed your kid sleeps in or leaving the door open when having s.εx. You really do not want to kids walking in on you and your spouse having s.εx. S.εx is private and that includes not giving your kids a show doesn’t matter how little they are.

2. Not complimenting your spouse on their s.εx moves.

Communicating will make you and your partner feel great. Let your spouse know how amazing the s.εx was, it’ll make them look forward to another session.

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3. Being in the same position all the time. Sometimes an inspiration is all you need to to feel better. Doing the same routine might bore you both, be willing to experiment.

4. Letting your partner do most of the initiation. Your spouse may become frustrated in the long run if you leave s.εx initiation to them only. Sometimes you have to put in your own quota that’ll make them feel special too.

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