10 Places You Shouldn’t Take Your Girl To On A First Date

First dates can be awkward, enough as it is. You might have a bad idea for a date without even knowing how terrible it is- and yeah, some dates can get downright horrible. So do yourself, and HER a favour, and stay away from these places when you’re taking her out for the first time. Trust us on this one.

#1. Your House: Oh… a “movie” night in? Yeah, okay. We already know where that one’s headed, buddy.

#2. Sporting Events (If she’s not into them) It will be the most painful few hours of her life. You see that look in her eyes? That’s the look of a woman desperately waiting to be saved.

Spare her the agony, please.

#3. The Strip Club: We mean, sure… some girls MAY be down for that kind of thing. But we’re gonna be with no as a first date option.

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#4. ANYWHERE That’s Out of Your Budget: Because when your card is declined and SHE has to foot that entire bill, you’ll probably never hear from her again. #SorryNotSorry

Don’t break the bank aiming for that $200 date you just can’t afford…

#5. To Hang Out With Your Friends: Further down the line, IF things are working out between the two of you, then okay. But don’t make her feel like she’s just one of the guys immediately. Want to know where that will get you? Friendzoned at best…

#6. Family Functions: Awkward…

#7. Restaurants You Frequented With An Ex: Or anywhere you frequented with your ex for that mater.

She won’t want to sit through appetizers, an entree, and dessert, all while hearing you how much your ex flame enjoyed the steak and potatoes.

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New woman. New memories. New Experiences. SIMPLE.

#8. Movies: You guys will have absolutely no time to communicate and get to know each other. Then there’s always that ill-timed arm over her shoulder thing.

Can you see how hard we’re rolling our eyes here?

Skip the flick!

#9. A Nightclub: You know, that same old tired ass club you go to every weekend with your boys? Stay away from there for a night. If she’d like to go dancing try a lounge, or something a little bit more intimate.

Odds are she won’t want her Louboutins soaked with bottom shelf alcohol or to wind up stumbling drunk…

#10.To Buy New Clothes: Girls love to shop, that’s a known fact. But let us explain why shopping is a bad idea.

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If you try to buy her new clothes the very first time you two hang out, it can easily come across like you’re trying to change her. Is her style not up to par? Not sexy enough? Too sexy? She’ll have a million questions running through her head.

Not every girl likes her man to dress her up like Barbie (looking at you Kim K).

Just don’t do it yourself.

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